Monday, May 30, 2011


Every night after dinner, I brush my teeth and take a dry bath (so I won't tear.) Then, Auntie Robin & Uncle Chris take turns reading bedtime stories to me. Robin reads articles from "O" (Oprah) Magazine or "The Happiness Project" and Chris reads from "Everything You Need to Know But Didn't Know About History." They are not the usual bedtime stories I was expecting, like "Goodnight Moon" or "Corduroy" but now I can tell you the importance of organizing your closet as well as in 1957 that President Eisenhower sent in the army to ensure seven children could go to "Little Rock Central High School" to ensure Federal Law superceded State Law when it came to civil rights.

So, I'm learning a lot.

Did you guess whether I chose to stay in the golf bedroom or the Africa bedroom?

I chose the golf bedroom! Did you guess correctly?
There are golf magazines near the door, a big golf picture hanging on the wall, golf books on the dresser and golf coasters on the nightstand.

I put your "I love you" card next to my bed, on my nightstand, where I can see it each night before I go to sleep. You might be wondering why I sleep next to my golf clubs. That was Uncle Chris' idea. He said he can totally relate. I also cuddle up to my little pink gorilla, and use my tiny yellow blanket. Sometimes I need to use the bedroom blankets, since mine is so small.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photographer Me!

Here I am, using Auntie Robin's camera! At first I kept taking photos of my nose. But then I realized I was holding it backwards. Now I'm taking much better photos, as you can see in this blog.

Here are some of my learning curve photos.

Pet Therapy

On Monday, Auntie Robin took Dallas and me to the hospital. Don't worry, though- we weren't sick or hurt! She goes there so that Dallas can cheer up the patients! Isn't that cool?

Dallas kept kissing all of the patients and Robin said I should, too. What do you think Katie? Do you think I kissed them all, too?

Can you see me in this photo? I'm sitting next to the "E" in "Charlotte" at the top of the sign. Dallas is looking right at me.

Dallas obviously has a hard time focusing on the camera. We'll have to work on that. This is one of the nice nurses who helps take care of the patients.

Happy One Year Anniversary

On Sunday, Auntie Robin and Uncle Chris celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Uncle Chris bought a beautiful cake in their wedding colors and matching t-shirts which said "Just Married." Here we are just before we cut the cake!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting Dallas

Auntie Robin and Uncle Chris live with Dallas, a HUGE (from my view anyway) black lab puppy. Chris says 35 pounds! I don't even weigh 1 pound!

She is seven months old and already knows many tricks! She follows us around EVERYWHERE, so you have to be careful to never step backwards, or chances are... you'll walk right into her. She rings bells hanging on the doorknob in order to go outside, and Uncle Chris says he feels like he's at church- sitting, standing, opening doors for her all the time.

She loves to chew things. Here she's not likely to share her football with me.

I don't think she loved to give me rides as much as I loved to get them!

Just palling around with Dallas.

Here she is, following me around the house.

Here she is, STILL following me around the house.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am so excited! Auntie Robin showed me how to use her camera this weekend! She says she also showed you and Kylie how to use it, too, once at Christmas. She must go around in her life showing everyone how to take photos. So now I can show you what I'm doing!

Here are some photos of my house tour, where I'm staying.

This is the dining room.

I wonder if I can tie a swing to this living room houseplant! That would be such fun!

Robin took all of these photos of leaves, in her back yard! This is the living room.

The kitchen- I hope they keep some snacks down low...

Those steps are really very challenging for me, since I'm so small. My muscles will grow a lot from climbing these stairs and I might not fit in my envelope for the trip back home! Maybe they will let me sleep on the downstairs couch...

Look what I found - I was so excited to see YOU on their wall!

I hope we can roast marshmallows on this outdoor fireplace. You can also see Robin's garden in the background, and the dead spots where Chris just killed the crabgrass that was spreading across the lawn. Robin says it looks so much better now that its dead, but I don't think she really means it.

They have two birdfeeders- one for the regular birds. I saw a cardinal eating out of that one! And the red one on the window is for hummingbirds. I haven't see one of those, yet, though.

Arrival in Charlotte

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that you can stop worrying now. I have arrived safely at Auntie Robin's and Uncle Chris' home.

The ride in was a bit bumpy. Air travel always is. And I was a bit cramped. Do you ever get leg cramps when you fly? Well I do, but that may have been because I was also folded in half. I never know which one of those two things causes my leg cramps when I fly. Auntie Robin was so kind when I arrived, though, and immediately taught me some new stretches she learned in her yoga class, so I could rest easy.

Uncle Chris was quite pleased to see that I had packed my golf clubs, and even promised to take me golfing in a real live tournament this weekend! I can't wait!

Charlotte is beautiful, but a bit hot right now (about 88 degrees during the day Robin says.) Chris says its a good thing they live on a lake.

I hope you are well, up north. I miss you! Thank you also for packing my favorite monkey. Robin LOVES the monkey and almost didn't give it back before bedtime! Thank you also for packing my cell phone. You have the number in case you need to reach me.

Flat Stanley