Monday, May 23, 2011

Arrival in Charlotte

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that you can stop worrying now. I have arrived safely at Auntie Robin's and Uncle Chris' home.

The ride in was a bit bumpy. Air travel always is. And I was a bit cramped. Do you ever get leg cramps when you fly? Well I do, but that may have been because I was also folded in half. I never know which one of those two things causes my leg cramps when I fly. Auntie Robin was so kind when I arrived, though, and immediately taught me some new stretches she learned in her yoga class, so I could rest easy.

Uncle Chris was quite pleased to see that I had packed my golf clubs, and even promised to take me golfing in a real live tournament this weekend! I can't wait!

Charlotte is beautiful, but a bit hot right now (about 88 degrees during the day Robin says.) Chris says its a good thing they live on a lake.

I hope you are well, up north. I miss you! Thank you also for packing my favorite monkey. Robin LOVES the monkey and almost didn't give it back before bedtime! Thank you also for packing my cell phone. You have the number in case you need to reach me.

Flat Stanley

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