Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting Dallas

Auntie Robin and Uncle Chris live with Dallas, a HUGE (from my view anyway) black lab puppy. Chris says 35 pounds! I don't even weigh 1 pound!

She is seven months old and already knows many tricks! She follows us around EVERYWHERE, so you have to be careful to never step backwards, or chances are... you'll walk right into her. She rings bells hanging on the doorknob in order to go outside, and Uncle Chris says he feels like he's at church- sitting, standing, opening doors for her all the time.

She loves to chew things. Here she's not likely to share her football with me.

I don't think she loved to give me rides as much as I loved to get them!

Just palling around with Dallas.

Here she is, following me around the house.

Here she is, STILL following me around the house.


  1. Thanks!!!!!! I love it!So where does Stanley sleep????can u show pictures of him sleeping and at golf and last but not least him doing stretches???????????????????Thanks!!! I appreciate it! Love you and miss you!!!!!!Katie

  2. Ooooh- good questions! I have my own bedroom, here. I had a choice of two bedrooms- either the "Africa" bedroom, or the "Golf" bedroom. Which one do you think I chose?
    I'll ask Auntie Robin to take some photos tonight at bedtime! Tomorrow Uncle Chris is taking me to the golf tournament!