Monday, May 30, 2011


Every night after dinner, I brush my teeth and take a dry bath (so I won't tear.) Then, Auntie Robin & Uncle Chris take turns reading bedtime stories to me. Robin reads articles from "O" (Oprah) Magazine or "The Happiness Project" and Chris reads from "Everything You Need to Know But Didn't Know About History." They are not the usual bedtime stories I was expecting, like "Goodnight Moon" or "Corduroy" but now I can tell you the importance of organizing your closet as well as in 1957 that President Eisenhower sent in the army to ensure seven children could go to "Little Rock Central High School" to ensure Federal Law superceded State Law when it came to civil rights.

So, I'm learning a lot.

Did you guess whether I chose to stay in the golf bedroom or the Africa bedroom?

I chose the golf bedroom! Did you guess correctly?
There are golf magazines near the door, a big golf picture hanging on the wall, golf books on the dresser and golf coasters on the nightstand.

I put your "I love you" card next to my bed, on my nightstand, where I can see it each night before I go to sleep. You might be wondering why I sleep next to my golf clubs. That was Uncle Chris' idea. He said he can totally relate. I also cuddle up to my little pink gorilla, and use my tiny yellow blanket. Sometimes I need to use the bedroom blankets, since mine is so small.

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