Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am so excited! Auntie Robin showed me how to use her camera this weekend! She says she also showed you and Kylie how to use it, too, once at Christmas. She must go around in her life showing everyone how to take photos. So now I can show you what I'm doing!

Here are some photos of my house tour, where I'm staying.

This is the dining room.

I wonder if I can tie a swing to this living room houseplant! That would be such fun!

Robin took all of these photos of leaves, in her back yard! This is the living room.

The kitchen- I hope they keep some snacks down low...

Those steps are really very challenging for me, since I'm so small. My muscles will grow a lot from climbing these stairs and I might not fit in my envelope for the trip back home! Maybe they will let me sleep on the downstairs couch...

Look what I found - I was so excited to see YOU on their wall!

I hope we can roast marshmallows on this outdoor fireplace. You can also see Robin's garden in the background, and the dead spots where Chris just killed the crabgrass that was spreading across the lawn. Robin says it looks so much better now that its dead, but I don't think she really means it.

They have two birdfeeders- one for the regular birds. I saw a cardinal eating out of that one! And the red one on the window is for hummingbirds. I haven't see one of those, yet, though.

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