Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Golfing Stanley

What a great weekend I had with Uncle Chris and all of his friends out at the golf club.  Uncle Chris took me to play in the Memorial Day Golf Tournament (3 days long with a lot of Gatorade and sunshine).  Uncle Chris was supposed to be a good golfer (he has a 10 handicap), but honestly, he didn't play very well.  I shot 5 strokes better than him each day and he hit a lot of golf balls into the sand bunkers all over the course.  We ended up coming in last place in the Tournament, but we still had a really good time.  I really look forward to coming back to Charlotte and playing more golf with Uncle Chris and his friends (but maybe later after Uncle Chris has more time to practice and get better).

Here is a picture of me and Uncle Chris on the practice putting green right before the 18 holes we played in the Memorial Day Tournament.  We didn't do really well (we came in last) and Uncle Chris said we should have spent more time on the practice green.

Here is a picture of me right next to the hole.  I was so tired of all the practice, I had to ask Uncle Chris to hold my golf clubs.

Here is a picture of me and Uncle Chris with the driving range in the background....again, we should have practiced more, based on how we actually played.

Here we are just after hitting a shot out of the sand bunker.....needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the sand this weekend.....Uncle Chris said something about seeing less sand at the Jersey Shore than he did playing golf this weekend....I am not totally sure I know what he was talking about!!!!!!

Finally, a picture of us finishing on the 18th hole and coming in last place in the tournament...between you and me, I played a lot better than Uncle Chris.  But the tournament was still a lot of fun with Uncle Chris and the weather was great!!!!!

Here is a picture of me with the club house of Uncle Chris' golf club (Carolina Golf Club).  It is really nice and more importantly, air was really hot out on the golf course, that is why I wore my hawaiian shirt for the tournament.

Here is a picture of Uncle Chris and I looking over the golf course from the back porch at the golf club.  It is a beautiful course and has a great view of Uptown Charlotte.

Here was the best part of the weekend, having a nice cold soda and sitting in the rocking chair looking out over the golf course after a long day of golf.

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