Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mariner's Game

When we arrived in Seattle, we got some dinner, then drove to Laura and Doug's house in north western Seattle. Laura is Robin's sister, who lives there. Auntie Robin said you would remember Laura from the wedding last year.

We've been doing many fun things on our visit. We went to a play called "Brownie Points" and ate weird flavors of ice cream (I chose honey lavender! It was delicious!) I went with Uncle Chris to a baseball card show (he bought 22 baseball cards for his collection. This made Auntie Robin roll her eyes.)

But today was the best thing yet! Today Uncle Chris, Auntie Robin, Laura and Doug (Laura's boyfriend) and I all went to a Mariner's Game! The Mariner's are the Seattle baseball team. The Mariners lost to Tampa Bay, but it was still so much fun. We ate garlic french fries! Can you believe that? Actual garlic covered the french fries! I also ate a hot dog, and Uncle Chris got himself another plastic baseball cup, which made Robin sigh, but he seemed pretty pleased with himself.

Uncle Chris let me ride on his shoulders the whole way to the game, after we parked the car! Here I am with him and Laura. I bet he got tired of holding me on his shoulders the whole way!

Here we are in front of the field! We are almost there!

This is my seat. Doug got us really close seats, that were right behind home plate, and about 8 rows off of the field! I thought they were great but Auntie Robin kept ducking each time a fly ball came our way.

This is what I'd look like if I were a Mariner player on the field.

I was almost as famous as some of the players, because many people at the game knew exactly who I was! I made friends with the people behind us, who seemed to know a cousin of mine.

Nobody is as famous as the Mariner's Moose. I couldn't believe my luck when I got to meet him after the game!

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