Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hiking in Washington Park

We are still enjoying Seattle. Today we went hiking in Washington Park. It was so beautiful and didn't even rain at all! Robin says it is 98 degrees at home in Charlotte right now, and that we came to Seattle to enjoy the rain and cold, but I thought it was perfect! We hiked along the seashore and saw many tidepools filled with amazing creatures. We also hiked through the forest, where we saw many madrona trees and sword ferns.

For part of the hike, we walked on this trail, which was easy. But for another part of the hike, we climbed over boulders along the shore, covered with moss and kelp, which was very slippery and scary.

We had this lovely view of Mt. Baker, which still has snow on it! In June! We didn't hike to it, but I think even Robin would get cold on that mountain!

We found many amazing creatures in the tidepools, including this little tiny starfish.

We also found a baby eel in this tidepool. Can you find him?

Doug is holding a hermit crab, here. These crabs use shells they find as houses, and carry them on their backs until they outgrow them. Then they have to find new shells for protection.

Laura found a banana slug in the forest. Banana slugs are great big yellow slugs found in the Pacific Northwest forests. When Laura went to school at University of California, at Santa Cruz, her school mascot was a banana slug, so she was very excited to find one. 

The girls climbed this tree for a photo. But the boys played it safe, on the forest floor. On the top is Doug's niece, Issa. Then Laura and Robin.

When we finished our hike, we had to go to a grocery store to get lots of drinks and snacks, since everyone was so hungry and thirsty. Then we drove back to Doug and Laura's house to meet Doug's parents, who were very nice. Finally, we got a proper dinner at a beautiful little cafe near the house, called "Urban Market." I got a chicken salad sandwich, with curry sauce and cranberries! Yum! 

Tomorrow morning, we are flying all the way back from Seattle to Charlotte, then Auntie Robin says my visit is nearly over, and she will send me back to you, in Massachusetts! She looked sad, but its okay. I am having so much fun, but I am missing you and ready to come back home, now. I will see you soon!!!

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